Beware of Hidden Extras, Like Dealer-Installed Options

A dealer cannot lure you into their dealership by showing you one car and then trick you into buying a more expensive car once you’re there. That is called Bait and Switch advertising and it is considered an unfair business practice in California. And yet our client alleges that is exactly what happened with Downtown Auto Center in Oakland, Alameda County. Before visiting the dealership, our client alleges she negotiated a deal for a brand-new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid. However, when she arrived at the dealership, she was shown a different brand-new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid. The salesman allegedly said the car was exactly the same as the other car except for the color, so our client agreed to buy it. Unbeknownst to her, the vehicle she bought actually had over $7,000 in dealer-installed options that she was never told about. If you’ve noticed hidden extras on a car you recently purchased, call us at 858-348-1005 to see if we can help.