Alvarenga v. Ganas Auto Group

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In June 2018 our clients purchased a used 2012 Honda CRV from Ganas Auto Group in Inglewood in Los Angeles County. Our clients allege Ganas Auto Group is a buy-here-pay-here dealership which finances many of the vehicles it sells. A buy-here-pay-here dealership is required to provide a specific warranty with the sale of its vehicles and affix a “Reasonable Market Value of this Vehicle” sticker to the vehicles it offers for sale. Our clients allege the terms of the warranty for the 2012 Honda CRV did not comply with the law and that Ganas failed to affix at Reasonable Market Value sticker when offering the 2012 Honda CRV for sale. Our clients also allege Ganas Auto Group represented that the 2010 Honda had been fully inspected and undergone Ganas’ Quality Pre-Owned 150-point Inspection.

After purchasing their Honda CRV, our clients allege that warning lights lit up in the instrument panel and the CRV would not accelerate despite the engine-speed increasing. Thereafter, our clients allege the transmission shook and made banging noises when braking and accelerating. Our clients allege they took their Honda to Ganas Auto Group for repair and Ganas failed to repair and return the 2012 Honda CRV to our clients.

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