Basambekyan v Volkswagen In May 2019 our client leased a new 2019 Volkswagen Atlas from New Century Volkswagen, in the city of Glendale, County of Los Angeles, California
Our client’s complaint alleges the 2019 Atlas was leased with an accompanying six (6) year/72,000-mile basic warranty, and six (6) year/72,000-mile powertrain warranty. Our complaint alleges these warranties from Volkswagen form an express warranty.
Our complaint alleges the 2019 Volkswagen was delivered to Plaintiff with serious defects and nonconformities to warranty and developed other serious defects and non-conformities to warranty. These defects include, but are not limited to, the black-out of the instrumentation display and a loud clunking noise from the Atlas.
Our clietnt alleges he has taken the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas to Volkswagen’s authorized repair facility for repairs of these defects on multiple occasions and Volkswagen has failed to repair the defects.
Volkswagen has failed to conform the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas to its warranties. Plaintiff has lost faith in the Vehicle and in Volkswagen’s ability to repair the Vehicle. Rosner, Barry and Babbitt have sued Volkswagen to buy-back the 2019 Atlas.
The goal of Rosner, Barry & Babbitt (the Auto Fraud Legal Center) when it comes to automobile “Lemons” is to get you out of your car, truck, van or SUV, get your money back, have your loan paid off and have the warrantor pay the attorneys’ fees and costs. If you purchased a vehicle which you believe to be a lemon (whether it is new or used and whether it is a Volkswagen vehicle or one manufactured by General Motors Ford, Chrysler, FCA BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota or other manufacturer) please contact leonard@rbblawgroup.com. Our office will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your lemon vehicle.
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