A Spanish Contract Must Be Provided If The Purchase Is Negotiated In Spanish

Our client was shopping for a used vehicle and went to Express Auto Lending, a dealership located in the City of South Gate, County of Los Angeles. Our client speaks only Spanish, and a Spanish-speaking salesperson located and sold a 2013 Toyota Venza to our client. The entire deal was negotiated in Spanish. However, Express Auto Lending only provided our client a contract in English. Even when our client asked for a Spanish contract, the salesperson told him it was not necessary.

If the purchase of a vehicle is negotiated in Spanish, the contract must also be in Spanish.

It was only later that our client discovered the vehicle had sustained frame damage. Furthermore, Express Auto Lending allegedly held the license plates and registration, and told our client he had to pay more money to get them – a deceptive business practice and violation of California law.

If you negotiated your purchase in Spanish and didn’t get a Spanish-language contract, or think you were cheated by an auto dealer, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a FREE evaluation of your case.