The Pentastar 3.6L engine is widely used throughout FCA’s line-up of vehicles. This includes the following:
• Ram 1500 • Dodge Journey
• Jeep Wrangler • Chrysler 200
• Dodge Avenger • Dodge Challenger
• Dodge Charger • Chrysler 300
• Grand Caravan • Chrysler Town & Country
• Dodge Durango • Jeep Grand Cherokee
These engines are prone to a misfire which results from excessive cylinder leaks, which require replacement of the cylinder head. People describe a “ticking sound” as well as the Check Engine Light (CEL), and misfire. FCA has responded by blaming the quality of gas and varying driving conditions. The problem is that FCA has overlooked an apparent defect in design. FCA is replacing the left cylinder head with a new part that has seemingly incorporated design modifications.
If you have taken your FCA vehicle to your local dealer for engine related defects, you may be driving a lemon. Contact us for a free case review. If we accept your case, we ask FCA to pay any attorney fees and costs that on incurred on your behalf. We have been representing consumers in California for over thirty years. Contact Jeff Le Pere to address any potential lemon law claim or dealer misrepresentation claim you may have. jeff@rbblawgroup.com