Class Action Lawsuit Against Crevier BMW

Auto Fraud Legal Center has filed a class action lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of Jonas Domkus and Angelyn LaPorte-Domkus and a class of auto purchasers against Crevier BMW. The proposed class identified in the Domkus’ lawsuit is consumers who purchased vehicles from Crevier BMW and signed backdated contracts. The Domkus’ allege Crevier BMW would cancel contracts and have customers sign new contracts, and the new contracts would be dated the date of the customer’s original contract. The Domkus’ purchased a used Mini Cooper from Crevier BMW in September 2009 and signed contracts at least two days apart that were both dated the same date.

If any of these practices happened to you at Crevier BMW, or any other dealership in California, and you would like more information about this class action case or how the Auto Fraud Legal Center can help you, please feel free to contact Hawk Barry, either by phone at 800-466-5366, or via electronic mail at